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The harder you try to sleep, the more awake you often feel. This is the worst kind of nightmare! Not being able to get to sleep or to stay asleep, when both your mind and your body are exhausted.

There’s something about that quiet bedroom space that makes you replay the day’s events, analyse the past, worry about the future and make catastrophic predictions. With your body on high alert and prepared for so much stress, it’s not really surprising that you can’t switch off!

Watching the hours tick away, as you calculate how little time is now left for sleep, can fill your mind with horror, and frustration. What do you choose to do? Get up and read, lie there counting sheep, take yet another sleeping pill? These are not favourable choices for the worn out, worn down insomniac. Why can’t you ‘go’ to sleep, is the question you ask most nights, and the answer or solution never seems to come.

Most people can say they have had the misfortune to experience poor sleep on rare occasions. Maybe they are in a different bed, maybe they have a job interview the next day, or perhaps they are regretting a conversation or a decision, and can’t let go of it. Some people can’t sleep at high altitude, some people need that special pillow, and some can’t relax with external noise.

Whatever the reason and how often the regularity, is debilitating both in the moment and the next day when you are dealing with the knock-on effects. Ultimately lack of sleep can cause great distress for the sufferer, and ruin the quality of their life.

Happily, hypnosis works extremely well as a solution for insomnia. So put those worries to bed and let sleep come naturally to you, with the help of my very relaxing recording. You will find the soothing tones of my voice and the background music carry you gently to sleep. Play for at least 21 nights to create a new pattern of deep, unbroken sleep, every night.

2 reviews for Hypnosis Recording For Insomnia

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    It’s the first time that I’ve ever invested in any hypnotherapy recordings and it definitely won’t be the last. It’s amazing how easy it is. After years of struggling with sleepless nights I just listened to it and fell asleep, from the first night. And the best part of all, is that it continues to work for me. I would highly recommend this recording. You have nothing to lose. Thanks so much.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maddie Hazard

    I have suffered from chronic insomnia for many many years, and taken medication which left me feeling worse than not sleeping.
    I resigned myself to the fact that I might never sleep through the night again. I approached hypnosis with some cynicism, but the very first time I listened to Bertie’s recording, I slept for five hours straight – unprecedented for me! Now, I am able to fall asleep easily and should I wake up, I listen to her recording and inevitably fall asleep again before it finishes. This is one grateful, happy sleeper!

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