Put your happiness first every day

Ladies, why not put your Happiness First, for a change!

And see the quality of your life improve, dramatically.

The Happiness First Program has been designed to inspire and guide you to live with more purpose and passion and develop inner happiness.

Through mentoring, hypnosis and membership of the Happiness First Community, I will help you to understand how your mind works, and train your brain to be happier, in 100 days!

How happy are you?


Are you putting the needs of everyone else first, and not taking care of you?


Do you think you need life to be a certain way, before you can be happy?


Would you like to be one of those lucky people who is always smiling, looking at the bright side of life?


Do you want to be happier right now, but you’re not sure how to be?

Well, you are in the right place. I’m inviting you lovely ladies, to explore, with me, what makes YOU happy, and to look at practical ways to increase your happiness quota, not just with immediate effect, but also to sustain it, on an ongoing basis.

Welcome to the Happiness First Program

If you want to find out all about Happiness and how to inject it into your life right now, then look no further.

Why should you sign up for a Happiness program?

🦋 You have a lot to be happy about and yet you are still racing around feeling grumpy, irritable, stressed and anxious.

🦋  You are finally ready to break free from negative thinking patterns and to prioritise your happiness.

🦋  You are sick of being miserable and stressed and you are now willing to take action, daily, to break free.

🦋  You are ready to press the reset button, change your personality and reclaim more joy in your life.

🦋  You would like to be part of a community of like-minded women (approx age 35-65), who are all focused on the pursuit of happiness.

We live in an age when - in theory - it should be the best time possible to be a woman in the western world. Equal rights, equal pay, flexibility to combine work and family. And yet, I still work with 100’s of women, seeking to feel less anxious and lonely or just disappointed.

We all want happiness, but sometimes we’re just too busy to be happy, and the more we chase happiness the more elusive it becomes. Stop letting “too busy” be your excuse.
You are worth it and it is available to you!

"Sounds great" I hear you say, “but I'm super busy”
This is where you need to STOP and check in with yourself!
Putting your Happiness First is IMPORTANT!
Yes, you are going to need to prioritise yourself to do this, but it will benefit everyone you love. As women we have a default position of putting other peoples happiness before our own. We're nurturers and carers and we take the weight of others happiness seriously.
SO, when choosing this for yourself remember the old oxygen mask analogy....... unless you put the mask on you first , you won't be able to help others.

Consider the benefits for a moment!

Happier wives make happier husbands! Happier mothers make happier children. Trust me, a happier you, makes a happier life for everyone in it.

You will feel more energised and possibly younger as a result.

You will overcome many of your limiting beliefs, and upgrade your mind.

You will let go of “baggage” from the past, because that's where it belongs

You will like yourself more, and feel more confident.

You will know how to stop yourself from spiralling downwards into self-pity or victim mode.

And, it’ll be fun! And, interesting! And, life-changing!

How is all this possible?

As a hypnotherapist and coach, I understand how the mind works and I know how to create a permanent transformation for my clients. The Happiness First Program will incorporate the practices of self-hypnosis, positive thinking, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-development. Topics like self love, forgiveness, connection, confidence, anxiety and ageing, will be woven together with action oriented exercises, so that you can experience and practice new ways of being and doing things, and build new habits. The results are going to be transformative because what I teach you is all based on neuroscience and how the brain works.

bertie ekperigin

“Happiness is a habit, which you can learn to cultivate!”

The Program

The program will run from 28th January 2019 until 7th May 2019. It will run for 100 days, is for women only and costs just £297 to participate, (yep, that's less than £3 a day - less than a cup of latte!). It will be easy and fun, and whilst I’d like you to check in every day, you can also dip in and out of it, at your own pace.

As with most things in life, you’ll get out of it what you put in. So the more you commit to learning some of these practical, easy tips and putting them into action, participating in the group and celebrating your successes, the happier you’ll feel and the more you’ll benefit. You can also revisit the material in the future, and do some more of your own exploring.

There is also a VIP package for people who need a "one to one" hypnotherapy session. 

For more information please click the link below.

The program is designed to take you through 4 stages, with four hypnosis audios. Using my FOUR U FRAMEWORK you will first UNDERSTAND who you are today, then UNBURDEN yourself from anything negative, you will UNCOVER the real you, and then UNLEASH your full potential and create your best life.

I will be engaging in the group and motivating you daily. You will also receive extra support from hypnotherapy recordings, because when you change at the subconscious level you change for good! This will prevent you from self-sabotage and going back to old habits and patterns.

Every day I will post a live video for you to watch in the private Facebook group and then encourage you to participate in the simple happiness task of the day.

You will be able to interact with the Happiness First community and share and learn together.

What do people say about me?

“Working with Bertie was life changing - My personality came back and I began enjoying life again. I found Bertie to be warm, understanding and extremely supportive.”
Lisa, London, October 2016

“Bertie, helped me to gain focus and trained my negative thinking into positive, reassuring thoughts, which has then helped me regain my confidence.”
Selina, London July 2016

“It really is fantastic to experience such great shifts, and to feel so positive about the future. I am so grateful for the fantastic support and I am very happy to recommend Bertie.”
Jo, London, 2017

Do you want to join me? Are you willing to invest time in YOU and put your Happiness First?

🦋 My mission is to get you understanding yourself better, become more self-aware, and to learn to look at the positive side of things

🦋 You will become more resilient and focused on making each day a good day

🦋 You will have created new powerful beliefs and habits that will last a lifetime

Next steps

All you need is a willingness to prioritise happiness in your life and to select the most appropriate package for you.

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