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RTT for Addictions

Rapid Transformational Therapy works really well for addictions, particularly when people are ready to change what they attach pain and pleasure to. The mind is designed to move us towards pleasure and away from pain, so if you believe your addiction gives you pleasure and being without it will be painful, then, of course, you will struggle to change. The mind cannot hold conflicting beliefs and always takes you towards that which gives you pleasure and is more familiar.

Think of the dieter who loves chocolate and sweet cakes, but can’t have them. The moment that the mind is feeling vulnerable or bored, the dieter is reminded of the pleasure that those foods will give them, and before they know whats hit them, they have consumed a family pack of sweets and a whole box of biscuits.

Only when your addiction is causing you more pain than pleasure, are you more likely to create new habits. Maybe the doctor, has told you that your health is in major jeopardy, or perhaps a partner is going to kick you out of the home if you don’t stop the addiction? Either way, the pain now exceeds the pleasure, and change looks like the only option.

Addiction is very common and affects 1 in 3 of us. Maybe when you think of addiction, you are thinking hard drugs and alcohol or gambling, but there are a great many more addictions than that. These can be anything that gives us extreme pleasure or takes us away from pain. Compulsive shopping, excessive sex, or constant playing of computer games, can create that adrenaline rush of excitement and thrill. Then there are others like alcohol, and comfort foods that distract, suppress and numb the mind into a sense of temporary safety and certainty. Being a workaholic can also be an addiction, and is very common for people who need to distract themselves from reality. It can also become the very thing that gives them a sense of pleasure and feeling fulfilled. Either way, even this can be destructive

You may not have realised that people can also be addicted to negative thinking patterns, particularly thoughts about everything going wrong in the future, causing them to live in constant worry and anxiety. Or by contrast, constant thoughts of past mistakes, which they won’t let go of, causing them to hold on to anger or guilt, which keeps them trapped in a low mood and a state of depression. This isn’t so much about moving towards pleasure, but about moving away from the pain of making yet more mistakes.

So we know that addictions have a role and a function in a person's life; the adrenaline rush, the feeling of escapism that breaks the monotony of life, and the blocking out of pain, and difficult issues. But whatever the purpose behind it, a person who truly wants freedom from addiction, can find it because addictions, put simply, are habits of action run by habits of thought. When you change the habit of thought as well as the habit itself, long-term success can be achieved.

RTT can get to the root cause of the issue so that you learn the how, the why, and the when, that you developed the need for your addictive behaviour. We can only fix what we understand, and RTT helps you to have an understanding. Two people may have the same addiction but have it for completely different reasons, which is why an RTT hypnotherapy recording is made bespoke to each person.

When my clients are regressed back to their childhood, it becomes clear where their negative emotions like sadness, loneliness, lack of deep connection and low self-worth, came from. Stressful, traumatic childhood events like, sexual or verbal abuse, witnessing violence, or even parental separation can lead to an addiction. And even experiences like not feeling loved or made to feel not special enough can create addictive patterns of behaviour.

When I work with my clients, they all want the same thing. Freedom from addiction and a better lifestyle. The root cause of the addiction is unique to them, but once they know why most people want to reframe the past and let go of it. They leave the session feeling empowered and stronger, and committed to re-programming their brain. They are ready to attach great pain to their addiction, and great pleasure to being free.

Is RTT for you?

  • You are ready to take back control of your life.
  • Your current relationship is more important than your addiction.
  • Your job is suffering because your addiction is taking over your life.
  • You are spending all your money on this addiction, and if you don’t stop you will create debt.
  • You have been told that if you don’t give up sugar, you may develop diabetes.
  • You know you cannot change your life, whilst you live this way, and you've had enough.
  • You are ready to let go of past pain and embrace a happier future.

In my one-to-one sessions, I help you get to the bottom of this addictive behaviour. When you can understand and let go of it, you can get the life you want. Make the decision to be Changed For Good and break free from your addiction! Contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you.

What my clients have to say


"For the last four years I have been addicted to computer games.  I wasted hour upon hour playing these pointless games.  If I was watching television, I would play while the ads were on.  If I woke in the night, I would play.  As soon as I woke in the morning, I would play.  Every day I would spend at least four hours playing computer games.  My game playing was actually ruling my life.

Then a month ago, a friend recommended I made an appointment with Bertie. I went to see her with a lot of doubt because I didn't believe that hypnotherapy would work on me. BUT I have not played a game since and I have no desire to play. Bertie has changed my life (for the better). I cannot recommend her highly enough."  

Nichola Hill, London


"From the first time I spoke to Bertie on the phone, I knew she would be able to help me. I’d smoked weed for years and was unable to quit on my own. It was affecting my life in a negative way and I wasn't living the way I wanted to. In one session I stopped smoking weed and haven't smoked since, and haven't felt the need to. I am so much happier, and have more energy to do the things I want to do. Thank you so much."

Marie, Cheltenham

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