Hypnosis For Interviews


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You may well be able to relate to the fact that one of the biggest fears most people experience is the fear of rejection. This is the reason why so many people fear interviews. Being judged as ‘not good enough’ time and time again is very destructive to a person’s self esteem, and may well account for the reason that so many people stay stuck in jobs they don’t really enjoy.

You’ve carefully crafted your CV, and you know you’re perfect for the job. Yet as the interview date draws closer, it’s all too easy to convince yourself that the other candidates are far better than you. Suddenly, you feel inferior! You start focusing on the negatives about your grades, your work history, and pretty much everything that will prevent you from getting that job. And as soon as you start to compare yourself with others like this, and be your own worst critic, your performance is likely to be diminished.

How you manage your emotions and the threat of that perceived competition can make all the difference to your personality on the day. Getting control of your inner dialogue is key to your mindset. When you can become your own cheerleader and not your own bully, your chances of success will dramatically shift.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could approach your next interview feeling relaxed and full of positivity? Well you can! My dedicated recording will boost your self-confidence, helping you to overcome any fears of judgement and failure, and leaving you free to perform at your best.

Gradually, your mind will become focused and relaxed, as you make this new positive way of being more familiar. And visualising yourself daily, at that interview doing your best job, and being your best you, will have your rehearsed and ready to manifest the success and the job offer you want.