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With my expertise, help and support, I can get you past all that fear and self-doubt, which is holding you back. Let's get you to a place where you can feel confident enough to go for the career path you want, or make the changes in your life, that until now, you have been sabotaging.

I don’t want you to stay stuck or frustrated a day longer. I have helped 100’s of people to achieve a change in personality and lifestyle, and if you are hungry for change, then I can help you too.

My overriding aim is for my clients to leave their sessions feeling empowered and positive, ready to embrace their newly transformed life. Whether you’d like to develop inner confidence, sit back and enjoy your next plane journey without fear, or you dream of living your life free from anxiety or addictions, I can help you.

What is RTT?

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How much does RTT cost?

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Firstly, let me reassure you and say that hypnosis is a natural state, just like daydreaming and is very similar to meditation. If you’ve ever drifted off for a moment during a conversation, or whilst you’ve been driving, then you’ve been in a state of ‘trance’. After a friendly chat with me, I can assure you that you will feel very comfortable and safe. Going into a ‘trance state’ will be relaxing and very easy.

Lots of people worry about being out of control, whilst under the ‘spell’ of hypnosis, but hypnotherapy is not like anything you’ve seen on stage shows. You can be reassured that you will always be in control and will stay ‘awake’ throughout your session. In this very relaxed state with your eyes closed, your mind is able to uncover where the emotions and beliefs come from that are causing the negative patterns today. RTT uses regression therapy to help you unravel the mystery of your unwanted behaviours.

The subconscious mind holds all your memories, and the answers to how, why, when you started a belief or a behaviour. Once you have the understanding, the mind can be redirected, and brand-new, empowering beliefs can take their place. Results can be rapid and more successful because the mind is more suggestible in hypnosis.

RTT hypnotherapy sessions take up to 2.5 hours because the whole process of transformation is completed in one session. You will feel relieved and less burdened and leave with a personalised self-hypnosis recording, made in the session, which you will be able to download to your cell phone or computer. It is crucial that you listen to the recording for between 21 and 28 days, during which time I will stay in contact with you via text.

For many people, only one session is required, however when people have multiple issues, more than one session is recommended. This can be discussed during the free discovery chat.

RTT Prices and Packages

The Intensive 28 Day Package: Includes an initial intake call of up to 30 minutes, a 2.5 hours hypnotherapy session, a bespoke recording and 1 hour of coaching/mentoring, and a follow up call. The bespoke recording contains subliminal messages to enhance the effectiveness of your hypnosis audio, as well as binaural beat music to help you stay deeper in hypnosis.  The coaching sessions are designed to help you stay focused on your journey of change and can be tailored to suit your needs (either 4 x 15 mins or 2 x 30 mins).  Coaching calls can either be via telephone or zoom.  

The Barnes Therapy Studio

Located 5 minutes walk from Barnes Pond, SW15.  Free street Parking is available after 12 noon.  Otherwise, you can take bus number 209 from Hammersmith Bus Station and alight at Barnes Pond stop, or take the overground train to Barnes Bridge, and walk for 8 minutes.


The Regency Practice

Clarendon House, 42 Clarence Street, Cheltenham GL50 3PL

Cheltenham hypnotherapy room

The Clerkenwell Group

45 Central St, London EC1V 8AB

clerkenwell group


If you feel ready to talk to me about making changes, book in a 20-minute consultation. It is completely free of charge, and when we speak, I hope you will find me friendly, non- judgmental and ready to help you overcome your fears.

During our consultation, you will feel safe to discuss all your concerns and you will hopefully feel reassured that I’m the therapist for you. Send me an email today, and let's get your call booked in.



"I came to Bertie having struggled with confidence and self-belief since childhood.  My anxiety had really started to inhibit me and stop me from achieving my goals in life. With Bertie’s help, I was able to review all the moments in my life, which were now creating issues for me and causing my negative thoughts and fears to run my life.  The session was extremely insightful and allowed me to look at myself in a manner and aspect that I had simply not envisaged before. One by one we ripped up my negative memories and put them in the metaphorical shredder.

After the session, I felt instantly happier and released from my pain and then after 21 days of listening to my recording, I felt like a completely different person.  It’s like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I’m showing a real sense of confidence and self-belief in my own abilities both at work and in my personal life. The changes in me have been noticed by both my friends and my colleagues, and I really can’t thank Bertie enough.  It really is fantastic to experience such great shifts in such a short space of time and to feel so positive about the future.  I am so grateful for the fantastic support and I am very happy to recommend Bertie."

Joe, London

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