Hypnosis Downloads

Self-Hypnosis Recordings

Self-hypnosis recordings can be a powerful way to make changes and improve yourself. They are not for everyone but can be extremely effective for a great many people. Through a process of physical and mental relaxation, self-hypnosis can allow people to bypass their conscious minds and introduce new positive thoughts and beliefs.

Some people can get excellent results by simply downloading a generic recording and listening to it for at least 21 successive days. I have made several dedicated recordings to help people with specific fears and phobias. If you believe that there is no definitive root cause to your fear, then why not experience my relaxing, reassuring audio today.

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And, if you are interested in upgrading your beliefs about ageing, and looking years younger, or you want to be really motivated to start enjoying exercise, then why not download these self- empowering, belief changing audios today.

Please Note: In my experience, deep-rooted and multi-layered issues are best resolved with a 1-TO-1 session.