Motivation To Exercise Hypnosis


Run time: 26 minutes

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Have you ever said “I wish I hadn’t done that!” after an invigorating, heart-pumping exercise session? Probably not! In the 13 years I spent as a personal trainer, I never once heard those words. Even though many people find it hard to get started with exercise, once we do, we remember just how good it makes us look and feel.

Sometimes, for sure, you don’t feel in the mood, and maybe the thought of an extra hour in bed is tempting. Maybe you planned to get to the gym after work and then found yourself a perfect excuse to prevent you from going. These are just bad habits of thinking, which are very familiar to you, and cause you to be on a repeat program of denial, without even realising it.

Lets get you past all this procrastinating once and for all and get you moving! It’s time to become one of those people you’ve always envied – those people who actually look forward to exercising, enjoying every moment of the time they spend improving their bodies and minds. Once you make new thoughts and feelings familiar, your mind will stop coming up with excuses and get you fired up to take action.

Our thoughts control our feelings, and our feelings control our actions, so lets get you on the road to enjoying exercise by simply changing your thoughts. The mind learns by repetition and so by a simple process of daily mindset training you can wire up new neural pathways in your brain, that makes loving exercise, more familiar. Your brain can’t tell the difference between imagination and reality, so as you start to enjoy the images in your mind, you start to create endorphins and this creates the buzz and excitement for exercise.

My tailored recording will help you increase your motivation to exercise, effortlessly programming your mind to remember that euphoric feeling of accomplishment before you begin, so that in almost no time at all, you’ll start looking forward to exercise. Before long, you’ll be the one everybody envies!