Hypnosis For Passing Driving Test


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Your mind believes what you tell it, and as your driving test date looms ever closer, you could probably find plenty to say that is extremely unhelpful! Anxiety and nerves are created by the thoughts that you think and the pictures you make in your mind. See yourself messing up, and you probably will. Tell yourself, you are not good at reversing or three point turns and your body will feel stressed.

Your pulse will race and and you will find it hard to focus, and the result is unlikely to be your best impression to the examiner. Because a driving test is a relatively rare life event, it’s easy to feel full of fear, or perhaps believe that you are not a good enough driver to pass that test, even when your carefully practised driving skills say otherwise.

Most people don’t enjoy being assessed in this way because it can feel even worse than a written exam! You can’t erase mistakes and start again, and knowing that your every manoeuvre is being assessed would have most people feeling under pressure. This can cause some of the best, new drivers to fail and the real secret here isn’t another 20 driving lessons. The answer is to get control of your mind and learn to dialogue with yourself in a positive way, so that your body stays calm and yours mind stays focused.

My specialised recording is designed to be absorbed over 21 days. Listening will help you convince your mind that you are relaxed and confident behind the wheel, enabling you to handle the car and respond to your examiner with perfect ease and self-assurance. You will start to notice the changes in your lessons first, and then as the big day arrives, you will find yourself calm and focused.

Remember, your mind learns by repetition and loves what’s familiar, and so over the 21 days of consecutive listening, the emotional part of you that has been feeling panicked, calms down and accepts that you can and will drive well enough to pass your test. At first you become aware that you are being more supportive of your driving skills, then you start noticing that you are driving better, and then you just become a great driver, without even realising it.

Passing your test is available to you! Get started today, and notice the changes in how you feel straight away.