The fear of not finding love again is very common, whether that is after a big break up, or death, or after many frustrating years in the ‘single lane’. Lots of men and women feel rejected, and on the scrap heap (some even in their 20’s), and some try desperately to hold on to a relationship that was long since extinct, because they feel afraid or unworthy of finding new love.

This happened to me at 48 years of age, so I know how it feels. I also know the courage and resilience it took to build back my self belief and self-esteem. I had to let go of the pain, the frustrations and my fears of future rejection. If I hadn’t I been able to do this I probably wouldn't have had much success at dating.

It’s so easy to get trapped in negative beliefs about yourself, or stay stuck in a dead end relationships . Emotions like anger and bitterness, can often get locked into the body and the mind, and can end up being dragged around with us daily, despite the relationship being long over.

Of course feeling and thinking this way, doesn't make you an attractive prospect to a new partner. In my experience, both men and women prefer relationships with people who are positive, forgiving, happy and generally enthusiastic about life. If you live in past pain, and not in the present moment, it’s unlikely you are going to show up with an appealing set of personality traits. No-one would want to date someone who continually moaned about his ex-partner, and compared you to him/her, every time you stepped out of line.

Since working with many men and women, from all backgrounds and experiences, I’m a firm believer that RTT is a great tool for helping you to let go of all your pain around being lovable and attractive enough. You can learn to be indifferent to rejection and ultimately feel worthy and believe that a great, romantic love is available to you.

Is it time you moved on with your life and lived with more confidence and self love? Are you ready to stop feeling hurt and angry about the past? Do you now want to find your dream relationship? Maybe, it is time you stopped being so needy in relationships, and attracting the wrong type of men/ women?


  • You are lonely, and ready to start dating again.
  • You want to attract the right kind of partner.
  • You want to stop obsessing about your past and focus more on your new future.
  • You are exhausted with the negative emotions and thoughts and are ready to give them up, once and for all.
  • You are ready to start the new chapter of your life.
  • You are done with playing the victim and ready to be the best you.
  • You are ready to trust again and find true loving connection, spiritually and physically.

In my one to one sessions I help you to let go of any old emotional wounds from the past, change your internal dialogue, and break free from negative behavioural patterns. Then we rebuild your self-esteem, confidence and resilience, so that you can start focusing on what you want, and taking all the action required to attract a loving, romantic relationship.

Make the decision today to be Changed For Good and break free from your doubts and fears. Contact me today. I look forward to hearing from you.

What my clients have to say

"Dear Bertie, I am so grateful for my hypnotherapy. I really wanted to tell you that I felt better from the moment the session began. I instantly felt calm, and had a strong sense that I was already healing, just from our consultation. When I met you I really needed to heal from my divorce. After that one session, I felt free, relieved, and ready to move on and attract all that is good for me and since then I have been able to sustain this feeling.

One week after your hypnotherapy session, I attracted a new, happy and romantic relationship. I am still surprised at just how quickly it showed up! Not only that, I am very motivated in my work and working on my new masterpiece”. I have been recommending you to everyone. The changes were rapid and life-changing, and I can’t thank you enough.”
Donna, Australia

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