Hypnosis For Fear Of Skiing


Run time: 23 minutes

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Experts say that children make the best skiers, because of their curiosity and relative lack of fear. If only, then, we could all learn as children, and be fearless on the slopes.

When you feel fear more than excitement on the slopes, it really does create a problem with how you ski. No-one wants to be ‘the beginner’ for long, so we tend to push ourselves hard to get off those blue and green slopes relatively quickly. Thats when we realise that there is real work ahead of us, and we can get stuck in this phase of the learning curve for years.

Being able to ski is one thing but actually keeping up with the family or your group of friends is something else entirely! Their idea of slow and steady is probably not yours, and as soon as you pick up your speed so as to not lose them from your view, skill goes out of the window, and an accident beckons, or at the very least, panic and palpitations.

That was me, for a great many years, until I reconditioned my mind to absolutely love skiing and feel free of the fear. It was only then that I could truly enjoy that exhilarating feeling of whizzing down the mountain. Instead of my inner dialogue freaking me out, on that icy, red slope, or those rather annoying moguls, or that narrow part, with the big drop the other side, I was able to convince my mind that I could do it; that I had, the skill and precision; that, I was calm and enjoying myself.

It was a massive breakthrough and it was all down to the power of hypnotherapy, which is exactly why I made this audio.

If you’re already able to ski, but have fears that stop you from really enjoying it, then my bespoke recording is perfect for you. You need to have learnt the basics already and able to ski down blues and easy reds, and be ready to get your mind on board for a new positive experience.

Don’t worry – you won’t suddenly decide to conquer all the Black Runs in a reckless burst of energy, you’ll simply be able to relax, remain in the moment and luxuriate in that wonderful sense of achievement and delight that really can come from skiing.