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Exams create dread for most people and unfortunately cannot be avoided, by most people. Exams are part of the education system and a part of modern life, and whilst we know logically that they don’t necessarily stand in the way of us having successful futures or careers, we can’t help but let ourselves be sucked in to the pressure that they create.

Fear of exams is all about fear of failure. We are programmed to want to succeed from an early age, and we learn early on in our lives, that failure is not an option. We want to be winners and we want to feel good about ourselves. Those exam grades are often used as a bench mark between people, especially the young, to decide who is superior and who is inferior, and none of us wants to feel less than anyone else.

The reality is of course that some students are better at exams and some are better at coursework. People are equal and different, not superior or inferior. But when you don’t feel good enough or you are frightened of exams, it stands to reason that you will under-perform. That feeling of panic can overpower your mind, and then you find you can’t access the information you have so diligently studied.

Have this experience a few times, and you probably give up, telling yourself you’re just very bad at taking tests. Then, because we become what we believe, you can almost guarantee that when exam time comes round again, you continue to under achieve, no matter how hard you study.

What if you could relax your mind for exams, convince yourself that you are capable of remembering everything you revise, and that you are good enough to pass with the right amount of

effort and focus? Remember your mind believes what you tell it and learns by the process of repetition.

Emotional states are created from the subconscious mind, and hypnosis reaches the emotional subconscious mind. Listened to daily, for 21 days or more, my tailored hypnotherapy recording will teach your brain to enjoy revision, remember everything you have revised, and keep you calm during the exam itself. This will set you free from anxiety and empower you to achieve the results you deserve.